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Axton Enterprises Presents

The Gigantic, Thorough, Lucid, and Exciting*
Book of MOM DATA

(* Ok, well maybe not exciting)

Release Date: June 11, 2000

This book provides an exhaustive, table-by-table, field-by-field account of the 37 most important data tables in MOM. For each field, it describes what the field is used for and what happens in it as various MOM procedures alter the table. It also describes the properties of each field (type of data and field width), and indicates which fields in the table are linked to fields in other tables.

It's a valuable reference if you use DBUWIN or R&R Report Writer, or even if you're just interested in understanding the underlying structure of MOM.

The Gigantic, Thorough, Lucid, and Exciting Book of MOM Data was beta-tested by the students in our Advanced MOM - R&R Report Writer class.

"Understanding the structure of the MOM tables is essential to becoming a MOM Master rather than just a MOM user."
    -Brad Kalka, Originals Casual Wear

"Fantastic! [The MOM data tables] were what I was having the biggest problem with...the book is very valuable."
    -Susie Combest, Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies

The Gigantic, Thorough, Lucid, and Exciting Book of MOM Data retails for $100 for the first copy purchased for your company, $50 for every copy thereafter.

Please email for an order form or call 585-425-8066 to place an order.


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